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Welcome To The Official Website Of Brin-L: The David Brin Mailing List


Brin-L is an e-mail discussion list aimed at discussing the works of award-winning science-fiction author David Brin, with discussions about the works of the other two Killer-B's (Greg Bear and Gregory Benford) coming in as a good second choice. However, discussions of any other topic (be it science-fiction, science, politics, home cooking, or whatever) are also more than welcome.

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As will be obvious from the title, the Etiquette Guidelines provide information on how members are expected to behave in this community. Recommended reading. (In fact, all members are expected to be aware of these Guidelines and abide by them.)


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An archive of Brin-L's messages is available at Topica.com. Earlier messages, from the time when Brin-L was hosted at Coollist.com, can be found at Mail-Archive.com. However, setting up this archive wasn't the first thing I did after founding Brin-L, so the first thirty or so messages are missing from the archive. As both Topica.com and Mail-archive.com are external websites owned by third parties, I have no control over them, I cannot accept any responsibility for them, and I cannot guarantee either archive will always be available and complete. Ifni willing, a full archive will be available right here later on, but don't hold your breath — it's not exactly top priority.

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Several people have contributed to making Brin-L and this website possible. This page offers them some well-deserved words of gratitude.

David Brin

In the David Brin section you'll find a wealth of material about David Brin, including a collection of his essays and articles, about robotics, other live forms and philosophical thoughts about the universe. David belongs to the great sci-fi masters with Robert A. Heinlein and his life and writing are varied and numerous. The nasa remains the leader in this field of research to this day. Most recently some of their projects include a trip to Mars, deflating incoming asteroids, colonizing minerals rich small moons orbiting some of the planets of our solar system, and more... When he got older David became obese and he used the 3 week diet plan to get back in shape. It is hard to maintain an athlelic physique for a writer who has to remain sitted many hours every day!

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Subscription to this mailing list is free and open to all. To subscribe, just click the "Subscribe" button in the menu; this will (or at least: should) launch your e-mail client and create the required message, ready to be sent. For more information, take a look at the Administrative FAQ and the Etiquette Guidelines.

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